Thursday, 5 May 2016

Does Tattoo Removal work?

We are doing an increasing amount of Tattoo Removal at our home beauty salon in Woking

Here are three pictures of Kevin's treatment so far:

Our laser uses a mechanical action as well as heat to blast the ink pigments within the tattoo into tiny particles. 

The laser tattoo removal machine uses two wavelengths: 1064nm and 532nm (nanometres.) Between the two wavelengths, they can remove all colours except green, yellow, fluorescent, purple and metallic. 

Your body's immune system or lymphatic system will then remove these particles naturally. The laser doesn't destroy the skin or leave any scarring. 

Recent developments in Q-switch Nd:YAG laser therapy have finally made it possible to remove tattoos with minimal risk of scarring. The laser light is beamed through the skin in extremely short pulses (nanoseconds.) 

The light is absorbed by the tattoo ink, creating a photo-mechanical reaction, breaking it down into very small particles. This allows the body's defence mechanism to gradually remove the fragmented pigment over time.

For more information about how tattoo removal works please get in touch.